The CF Open is approaching quickly. It might seem like we just wrapped up our 2019 CFTT Main Event! Well…. in way we just did.  The CrossFit Games has shifted the CF open season to October/November with the Games still scheduled for July 2020.  So what does this mean for us??

We will all still be doing the CF Open workouts- just not the 2019 Main Event again for this round-

Workouts will be on Mondays as part of regular group programming.

This will help in several ways.  This will allow us to modify the workouts if we need to based on larger class sizes and skill levels.  If the workouts are only a couple minutes- we will have more time to prepare additional work that will better compliment the workout.

This will also help alleviate the unknown from a programming stand point.  It is so hard to program for the week without knowing what will be released on Thursday night.  Many of you want to continue strength days. We do to. This will allow for us to continue going harder and heavier while still maintaining appropriate recovery time.

For those of you who are registered or looking to get registered and compete in the CF Open 2019/20- Get pumped!! These workouts are always a great tester to where you are at and how far you may have come from years prior.  It tests high skill gymnastics along with heavy loads and larger rep counts.  We want to support you throughout the 5 weeks as best we can.  Every year there is always something magical that happens. Someone gets their first T2B, ring MU or RX WOD.  Since you will need a judge to count reps and monitor your points of performance it will require a bit more planning.  You can partner up with someone in class and take turns doing the workout/ judging.  You can ask someone to come in and judge before their class or after.  Coaches are not going to be available to judge while coaching class.  However, we are able to make accommodations and help judge after a class or between classes.  We also are planning to have athletes come in on Sundays during open gym and complete the workout then.

What if Sunday or Mondays don’t work for you?  It’s ok- as long as you touch base with us and make a plan prior. We can find a time on Friday that you could come in. (you will need to secure a judge in advance.)

Here is the link to register for the CF Open:

In the past we have gathered for the Workout releases. We are opting out of this for this season.  We really hope we can do it again when more folks are able to attend and excited to come in.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help and are excited to see what the 2019/20 CF Open brings!