A. Bench press warm up sets
(rest progressively longer as sets
get heavier):
Between each WARM UP set, perform a
:15 sec chin over bar hold
1×8 (empty bar)
immediately into
Build to a 3RM bench press in 10 min
2:00 rest between sets. Compare
to previous 3RM.

18 min time CAP for A.

B. E2MO2M for 16 min:
– 12/10 cal. Row (OR 50 DU)
– 8 Wall Balls (rx: 20/14; fx: 16/12)
– 4 Ring/Bar Muscle ups (scale
to pull-up variation allowing for
unbroken set with good mechanics)

Waterfall start. Once one athlete is
done rowing, next athlete in line begins
rowing. Partner up to share rowers.