A. 3×3 strict pull up warm up sets.
Use band assist, bar in the rack pull-up. Emphasis on shoulder  position and knuckles over bar.  

B1. 3 weighted pull up

B2. 1.1.1 banded pull-up (“lighter” than A1). Reset after each rep.

B3. :60-:90 sec rest. Repeat 4x thru.  

20 min Time CAP for A + B. 

C. EMOM x 5 min:

Row “racing start”  (1/2 –> 3/4 –> full) + 5 hard pulls 

D. EMOTM 10 min:

THIS: 12 Dual DB front squats (rx: 35/25 DBs; scale load to perform all 12 unbroken at speed)

100m Row sprint

THAT: Rest  Looking for approximately a 1:1 work to rest ratio and  about :20-:30 sec on rower.