A. 4×4 bench press warm up
sets. Perform 8 bent over
DB reverse flys in between
sets. Build close to the load
to be used in B.

B. E2MO2M x4 (8 min):
2 bench press (+5-10 lbs
from last week)
+ 1.1 “jumping” push-ups to
plates (band assisst as needed)

check out video


20 min CAP for A + B

C. 15 min AMRAP @
conversational pace:
– 3 WWU (if in TT throwdown,
consider practicing with 30″
line or perform 6-10 HSPU)
– 6 T2B (challenge: 4 T2B-Pull-ups)
– 9 total DB renegade rows (rx:
40/30; fx: 30/20)
– 12 DB box step-up (perform
with 1 DB. May hold in any
position you may like.
Use one of the DBs used for
the renegade row)