A. 3 Sets.

-1.1 power snatch @ 70% best power snatch. :10 sec re-set between reps.
– 1.1 back rack empty barbell  seated jump from box  (sit on box @ or above parallel as in a squat. Lean to engage legs and  back. Jump as high as can off the box. Re-set)

– 1:30 rest between sets  

B. 4 x 2 min AMRAP with  1:30 rest between AMRAPs:

– 9 deadlifts @ 65% of max

– 18 unbroken wall balls (choose load to get all 18  unbroken)

– In the time remaining of  the 2 min, get as many  meters on the rower OR burpees to 25# plate as you can  *Record hi/low meters or burpees