A. 5×3 Tempo Backsquat @32X1.

Build from last week.

In between each set, perform 4 per side half-kneeling upside down KB strict press with  opposite arm bracing on the wall (sub DB as needed if unable to  control KB upside down)  

(Check our the link below for a video)

B. Every 5 min on 5 min x4:

6 strict press (95/63)

12 front squat (95/63; same weight as strict press)

24 KB front rack  lateral Bar step overs (20/12 kg)

18/15 cal. bike or row**

  *must stay on bike or rower after completing body of work until 1 minute before the start of the next round 

C. TABATA (alt. movements) if time allows:

Reverse marching plank

1-arm plank