A1. 8/side Back rack Reverse Lunge. Progress in weight each  set as form allows.

A2. :30 sec rest

A3. 2x 3-position clean grip DL (pause  2 seconds in each position on the way up and the way down. same weight across all sets)

A4. :60 sec rest.

Partner up to share  barbells. Repeat 3x thru.  

B. EMOTM 8 min:

3 hang power clean (rx:135/93; 95/63) + max rep burpees in time remaining (no more than 15)

B2. 2 min rest

B3. EMOTM 8 min:

4 deadlift (rx:135/93; 95/63) + max rep cals. on bike or rower in time remaining 

C. 5 min bike or row flush out. Foam roll –  low back, glutes, hamstrings, quads