A1. 4 sets of the following:

– 3 DB Bench Press @ 33X1

– 4 per side half kneeling filly press (one KB in front rack while pressing DB on other arm)

– 1.1.1. (strict pull up + :05 lower). Begin each from an  active hang. Rest :10  between reps. Add load as needed

:60 sec rest between sets 

B. In Teams of 2: (You-go, I-go)

5 Rounds For Time or 25 min, whichever comes first:

-20 pull ups (scale to jumping P.U. or ring rows)

-30 pushups (scale to incline  or band to achieve sets  of 5-10  consistently)

40 ab-mat sit ups

50 Air squats (*NOT synchro 😉 ) 

One partner works at a time