A. EMOTM 16 min:

THIS: 3 push ups + :15-:20 sec bottom of push up hold. Use band or incline to maintain ideal shoulder position

THAT: 4-6 Barbell Rollouts** or DB pull overs

THEN: 2 strict pull ups + max quality time in a scapular pull up hold up to the :30 sec mark. Add load as needed.

OTHER: Rest  

B. 3-6-9-12-15 for time:

–  T2B (rx+ T2B-pull up; K2E)


(8 min CAP) 

C. Cash out: (12 min CAP)

-10 per side TGU not for time. Partition any way. Light to moderate load. 

Accumulate 30 seated pike ups at any time. 

**please use 15lb plates or more on the bar for rollouts  so the 10lbs plates do not break