A. EMOM 10 min (from  the rack. Begin with an empty bar on each movement then  build. Stay light, stay technical. Sweat the details):

0-5: 1 snatch grip push press + 2  pausing OHS (pause :02 at the  bottom of each rep)

5-10: 2 snatch balance 

B. E:90 on the :90 for 12min (from the floor):

0-6: 2 Snatch-grip DL (begin @ last snatch balance weight or heavier)

6-12: 2 power snatch or 2 squat  snatch 

C. 16-12-8 for time: (6 min CAP)

Alt. DB Snatch (rx: 50/35; 35/25)

C2B pull ups (sub to chin over bar pull ups or jumping pull ups)