A. Bench Press Build to 6RM 

15min CAP 

 B1. 3sets: 

-250m Row @ 88% 

-3-6 x High Skill HSPU. 

Practice high skill HSPU for quality (open standard, deficit, parallete…) 

-5/arm Single Arm DB OHS – HEAVY 

-90sec rest 

C. Air Bike 

-3min on 3min off x3 

Max Total Calories. Aim for consistent watts across all sets 

Strength and Skill 

A. Snatch Grip Push Press.OHS 1.1 ; Build to max complex 

 B. Hang Snatch 1 Every 60sec @ 60-70 x 3 1min rest 1 Every 60sec @ 70-75% x 2 

 C. Snatch Build to heavy single for the day