A. EMOTM for 6 min:
1 clean grip DL + 2-pos clean
(1 hi hang clean + 1 hang clean).
Light to moderate load
(start with empty

B. E2MO2M for 14 min:
1 hang clean. Build to
max for day.
OR (if not interested in finding
max for day)
0-7:1 hang power clean +
2 front squat. Build as form allows.
7-14: 1.1 hang clean.
Reset :10 sec between
reps. Build as form allows.

C. E:30 on the :30 for 8 min:
THIS: 2 hang clean @ 80-85% of
max found in B or of heaviest
build in E2MO2M.
THAT: :5-7 burpees or 15 sec bike or row sprint