Daily WOD 8/11/17 “Kraken”

A. Stability 
EMOTM, 12 minutes:

-10 Slam Ball Bear Hug Squat: goal is to force a more upright posture to prepare for OHS and to feel the core working

-:45 sec of supine wall squat stance dowel bar decents

-Single arm Y on hands and knees. make sure elbow is locked out

B. 15min to Establish 1RM Overhead Squat 

C. 15min Running Clock 

0-6:00  FT:

 6 Rope CLimb 

30 Thruster 75/53, 95/63, 115/73 

6:00 -9:00 REST 

9:00-15:00 FT: 

40/30 Cal AB 

DB OH Lunge @ 35/20, 50/35, 65/45. 30 m

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