A. 8 min AMRAP @75%:

– 1 lap Bear crawl

– 10 Feet-elevated  Ring row or bar rows

– 200m Run 

B. EMOTM 8 min:

THIS: 3 bar MU practice drill (ring pull over; jumping;  may attempt BMU after 2 rounds of BMU drill); 3-5 kips on the pull up bar  (okay to go into kipping pull up  or C2B after 2 rounds)


C. EMOTM 12 min:

THIS: :45 sec bike @ 80% effort

THAT: 8-15 reps of a pull-up variation. (may only break 1x per set. Rest on purpose, not because of fatigue)  *partner to share bikes. Designed to be a bike so arms get rest. If row – challenge:  1400/1200 cal per hour, rx: 1200/1000 cal per hour,  fx: 900/700 cal per hour