A. Waveload DL (based off 1RM):
Wave 1:
83% x2
87% x2

Wave 2:
85% x2
90% x2

~22 min Time CAP

B. 5 min AMRAP with partner
(you go/I-go style round to round):
Partner A:
3 hang power clean (rx: 135/93;
fx: 95/63)
Partner B:
6 pull ups (jumping pull ups) or 2 BMU
6 total dual KB suitcase lunges (rx:
16/12; fx: 12/8)
8 ab-mat sit-ups

Partner A must hold barbell in the
hang after HPCs until partner B is done
round of the 6,6,12. Bar MUST be
passed from partner to partner
when switching, NOT dropped

B2. 2:00 Rest

B3. Repeat B1, but holding bar in
front rack instead of hang position

*if competing in Vermonster,
consider performing ring rows
in lieu of pull-ups to save hands. You’re
also NOT allowed to go past 75%
for your deadlits, but you may
perform up to 4 reps per set.