A1. 4 push press @ 75% of 1RM.
A2. 3-5 kips on pull up bar. Practice hollow/arch positions keeping tension in the system

A3. :90 sec rest. Repeat 2x thru

B1. 4 push press @ 80% of 1RM.
B2. 3-5 T2B or K2E with partner. One partner that on bar while other is standing behind them with their hand out. Partner kips aggressively as they T2B or K2E to hit partners hand with their back.

B3. :90 sec rest. Repeat 2x thru.

Time CAP: 20 min

C. 4 RFT at steady pace: (15 min CAP)
12 total Dual DB OH alt. lunges (challenge:
40/30; rx: 30/20; fx: 1-arm OH lunge
*drop the DBs =
immediate 10 burpee penalty
12 V-ups
1 lap bear crawl (challenge: 1 length HS Walk)

1:00 rest between rounds