A. Back-Squat Wave ladder: Rest
2 min between each set. Perform
8 band tears with shoulder raise
during rest.
Wave 1:
80% x2
80% x3

Wave 2:
85% x2
85% x3

Strict 20 min CAP

B1*. EMOTM 4 min:
2 alt. DB clean + jerk. Practice cycling at steady rate. Start lighter than working weight

(free trial: 5 KBS. Practice timing)

B2. 2 min rest & transition

B3. 7 min AMRAP to
climb the ladder as high as can
3-6-9-12-15 etc…
Alt. Hang DB clean + Jerk (rx: 50/35; fx: 35/25)
(free trial: KBS)
Cal. Row or Cal. Bike

*set up bikes and rowers
BEFORE starting B1.