A. 10 reps of each movement @ 35% MAX Power Clean:
Weight should be LIGHT and focus on efficiency, breathing, and light muscle contractions.
(This is a glorified warmup up. Practice cycling skills)

A1. Power Clean
:45 rest
Power Jerk
:45 rest
Power Snatch

A2. 3min rest

A3. Hang Squat Clean
:45 rest
Hang Squat Snatch
:45 rest
:45 rest
Hang Squat Clean Thruster

B. 10-20-30 @ a steady (not break-neck) pace. Strict 20 min time-cap:
DB Box Step Over @ 50/35 (per hand). Fx: 40/25
Cal Bike
DB Ground to OH
50 Dub
DB OH Lunge @ 50/35 (per hand). Fx: 40/25
Cal Row
DB Thruster @ 50/35 (per hand). Fx: 40/25