A1. Bench x 3 @ 13X1. Work with a weight that allows you to follow the exact tempo.
A2. Pull-up
fx; 3-5 Eccentric Supinated Grip Pull Up. Scale w/ band as necessary.
rx: 6-8 Unbroken Supinated Grip Pull Up
rtg: 2-3 Weighted Pullup. NOTE: if you don’t have 10 unbroken pull-ups, don’t add load. Work to string more unbroken PU’s together today, working the eccentric phase of the movement.
A3. DB Row x 12/arm

B. 20min EMOM
1- :20 Max Cal AB
2- :20-:30 Top of Ring Dip Hold
3- :20 Max Cal Row
4- :20-:30 Hollow Rock, L-sit Hang, L-sit hold
5- Rest