As many of you know, Coach Tyler and Sarah Dunn are headed out to California in two weeks for the Endeavor Team Challenge – a grueling 30+ hour adventure race. Much like a Spartan Race, the event incorporates a series of physical and psychological challenges, beginning with a 14-20 mile (distance undisclosed) hike with all your gear, a military-style obstacle course, mountaineering events that include a 5.9+ climb and a tyrolean traverse that spans a VERY deep (100+ foot) crevasse, a night-time orienteering event, a 10-mile mountain trail run, and a several hundred yard swim, all while loaded with gear. Oh, and there’s a CrossFit Competition thrown in there for good measure. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to participate, and hope the event will provide the opportunity for us to make a statement about the hardiness of our community. The way we’re looking at it, the fact that we’re able to attend the event at all is a victory in itself. It wasn’t 18 months ago that Sarah sustained a leg injury that left many medical professional skeptical as to whether she’d ever be able to log any sort of running volume again, let alone compete in an event like the Endeavor Team Challenge. Barely 6 months ago, Tyler had his second child. Although things have gone swimmingly for much of that time, training hours have been hard to come by.  And although Tyler’s fitness may not exactly be where he’d hoped, we’re optimistic that his improved navigation skills will prevent the team from suffering the same fate experienced last year when he and Andrew wandered aimlessly around the Sierra mountains all night before succumbing to exhaustion…and if they don’t, the 10+ mile, training runs Sarah Dunn has been doing at sub 8:00/mile pace with a 40 lb. weight vest will ensure that they’re making good time, even if they’re hopelessly lost.

Excited as we are to make a statement, we’re much more excited to have the opportunity to share the wonderful, compassionate community we’ve built with athletes from all over the world. Like last year, the Endeavor Challenge has partnered with Team Red, White and Blue – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans re-connect to their communities with social and physical activities. While fundraising is not a pre-requisite for the event, we’d like to do our share. CrossFit TT is setting an ambitious fundraising goal of $1,000 by September 3rd for Team Red White and Blue. As an added bonus, for every $20 donation we receive, we’ll enter the donors name into a raffle for one month of free unlimited training.

Donations can be made directly at CrossFit TT (we can charge them directly to your account), or by donating through our account (going live soon). Thanks in advance for your support.