“…only it smells like mushrooms, and everyone looks like they want to hurt me”

Class divides up into 2 different groups; each group takes turns doing A1 and B1.

A1. EMOTM, 10 Min:

  • This Minute: Max-Rep :30 Anchored Ab-Mat SU
  • That Minute: 10 of Ian’s Magic Shoulder-Fixing Scap Raises with head facing one side, then 10 with head facing the other way.

B1. 2nd Annual Winter Throwdown WOD #4 (10 min. time cap).

PART I: All athletes start on the rower. At the :90 mark, all athletes must stop rowing, and perform 10 Front Squats (75/53). Once complete, athletes must return to the rower…but every :90, all athletes must stop to perform 10 Front Squats (75/53) until they’ve accumulated 1000m (males) or 850m (females). TO BE CLEAR – Athletes have :90 to perform 10 Front Squats, AND to accumulate   athletes must accumulate as many meters on a rower as possible in the time remaining. Once Males have reached 1000m/Females 850m, they are released from the obligation of performing front squats, and are allowed to proceed on to part II; should an athlete fail to complete 10 Front Squats in :90, their workout is over.

PART II: Without resting, athletes must pick up the bar they were front-squatting with, and complete 25 shoulder-to-overhead movements.