“Spider Monkey”

Repeat the following set 5x:

A1. 1:00 Max-Rep KbS (20/12);

A2. 1:00 Max-Rep single-udders

A3. 1:00 Rest

A4. Perform the following work in 3:00. Rest in time remaining.

– 10 Front Squats @ 85/58

– 15 Strict Push-Ups. Scale with a foam roller as necessary.

B1. TABATA V-Sit Hold


A1. EMOTM, 12 Min:

– THIS: 3 OHS squat therapy. Use a dowel bar as necessary.

– THAT: 4 Snatch Balance @ 45/33. Work reps from BH head.

B1. 5 x 8 BB ab rolls. Work from knees or feet as necessary.

B2. 5 x :20 weighted “I” hold. Use heaviest set of mini dumbbells you can while keeping arms absolutely straight; keep forehead on ground throughout.

C1. Mobility time. Floss hips, shoulders with lax ball.