A. BN Snatch Grip Push Press 4×3 @ 30X2

B1. DB High Pull x8/arm
B2. Handstand Hold :20-:30. If uncomfortable attempting hold against the wall, work from a pike position with feet on the box.

C. 5 rds w/ increasing intensity:
250m row
10 burpee
12 KBS @ 20/12. If looking for a challenge, try 24/16 to eye level.
8 HSPU from a box. If it’s not possible to work the full range-of-motion, scale with Plank Push-Up.
2min rest


A. Snatch
5 @ 78%
3 @ 80%
2 @ 82%
Rest as needed between sets and reps. Mechanical Focus

B. Pause Front Squat 3×3 @ 13X1