A1. German Volume Back Squat @ 65%. Add 5 lbs to load used on 7/6; cap reps at 8 / set.

B1. 3 x 6 Hand-stand push-ups from a box. In the event you can’t get all the way down. stack ab-mats under your head to shorten the distance.

C1. 3 Rounds for time:

– 3 Overhead Squats (75/53*

– 6 S-2-OH (75/53)*

– 12 K2E

– 24 Suitcase Lunges (20/12)

* Scale to a weight that will enable you to do the OHS and S2OH without compromising form, and without putting the bar down in-between. If you need to put the bar down because your form is compromised, ok, but endeavor to focus on the mechanics of the movement when fatigued. DON’T pick a weight that is too heavy to allow you to do so.