Look what Santa Claus brought, a few months early! More toys we can use to torture ourselves with!

If you watched the 2010 Crossfit Games, you’ll understand the importance of knowing how to climb a rope, using both your arms and your legs.

One of the last elements in the final WOD was a 20 foot rope climb, and going into the WOD, and even during the WOD, all the way up until the end, Rich Froning was leading the pack, and was sure to walk away with the $25,000 in prize money.

Now, while the fastest way to climb a rope is using just your arms, it is much more tiring, and if you were an athlete competing in the 2010 Games, after days of gruelling competition WODs, you just didn’t have the strength left in your arms to get all the way up, and down, multiple times, using just your arms. So, while Froning, a fireman, knew how to climb a rope with his arms, he had no idea how to recruit his legs, and simply didn’t have the strength to get up the rope using just his arms more than a couple of times. He’d get halfway up, and just drop.

It was heartbreaking to watch one of the spectactors hanging over the stadium rail, trying to give Rich an “in the moment” tutorial. Alas, he just couldn’t get the hang of it, which killed his chance of a First Place Finish, and his shot at the $25,000 purse.

You can be sure that was the first thing he learned when he got home.

We will certainly teach you how to climb a rope in class, but a little homework never hurt anyone. Here’s a quick little video for you: