Hard work paying off: March PR’s

It has been almost 2 weeks since the final workout of the 2017 Main Event and what a great 5 weeks it was! We saw so many personal breakthroughs as well as teammates coming together to complete physical and…. well other challenges such as taking on Tyler’s favorite vintage arcade game and coming together to fill out the fan favorite Scavenger Hunt! We also had a ton of PRs throughout March that was separate from the Main Event that we wanted to make sure didn’t go unnoticed:
– Eric Tucker and Matt Bunting have both been working hard recently to improve their kipping technique in the pullup. Their hard work has paid off! Not only have they improved their pullups but both Eric and Matt got their first bar muscle up!

– Chris Groen and Mike LeStrange have been with us for only a few months and have been coming in consistently, putting in the work and it’s been paying off. Both PR’d their back squat at 215lbs during a really tough mesocycle.

-Ashlee Rubenstein rejoined our community after a brief hiatus and seems to be setting personal records left and right. Her most recent was a 123lbs back squat.

-Julie Lamoreaux who has become legendary for her performance during 17.3 continues to simply smash heavy weights. This time she set a PR back squat of 153lbs.

-Jake LeVan who, during a workout that called for a heavy deadlift single for the day, decided to nonchalantly pick up 550lbs for the heaviest deadlift performed at TT.

-Alyssa Citorik, after finally admitting her love for all things Crossfit, committed to coming in more regularly and improving her fitness. Alyssa went from scaling entire workouts, to scaling certain parts of workouts appropriately, to completed her first entire workout under the RX prescription.

-Dennis Healy has dealt with injuries and mobility limitations but continues to come in and work towards progress. Recently he pulled himself under and stood up a 175lbs squat clean for a new PR.


Congratulations to you all who set personal records or who accomplished a feat they have never done before. Your TT family is incredibly proud and inspired. Let’s keep this ball rolling into the next mesocycle!


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