We say this in class all the time: we really want people to start working on getting their double unders. And there is only one way to do this, and it’s to start working on double unders, one attempt at a time. Again and again and again. You’re never going to learn how to do them if, every time we practice jumping rope, you stand there and crank out 500 really fast-and-low singles. It’s not getting you anywhere closer to being able to do a double under, and even 500 single unders won’t give you even half the response you’d get from doing 20 double unders. We normally do a 3:1 Single:Double under ratio, but that’s really only because, if we did a proper Single to Double ratio, you’d be Singling for an hour (in my opinion at least.)

Here is a video to get you started. There many other videos you can find on youtube for more helpful tips.

Note in particular how the single- under jump and the double-under jump are exactly the same, except the double-under jump is a higher jump. You don’t speed up your jump, or pull your knees into your chest. You speed up the rope, with quick wrist action.

Again, there is no magic formula for learning double unders. They take work. You’re going to have to put in the time, if you want to be able to string 10 of them together in a row. So … get practicing! When you finally get them, there’s no better sound than the sound of the rope whipping around twice!

Hint: If you don’t like working on them because it hurts when you whip yourself by accident, wear pants. Wear high socks. Wear long sleeves. Be smart about it: protect yourself. You have to commit to whipping that rope around, and if you’re being tentative because you’re afraid of whipping yourself, you’re already defeating your efforts, even before you’ve started.