A good jump rope of your own is just one of those things that you need to have.

Not only can you take it with you anywhere you go and add it into any travel WOD, but having a rope that 1) you’re used to, 2) comfortable with, 3) not afraid of, and which has been properly adjusted to your height, will help you tremendously on your path to mastering the double under.

We do not recommend that you go to a place like Sports Authority and pick one off the racks. The ones there always seem to have strange ball bearing handles, or special rep counters, and they’re just not very good for Crossfit WODS. The best ones, we’ve found, are the simplest ones, and the best place to get them is online.

There are a lot of options. What’s right for you?

In the beginning, it tends to be easier (and less painful when you miss) with a thicker, slower rope. Here is the one both Meghan and I learned on. I recently sent the exact same one to a friend of mine who was struggling to learn DUs on a speed rope, and it’s now one of her most cherished objects:

Cable Freestyle Jumprope

(UPDATE: we just pulled this rope out for old time’s sake tonight, and it’s still as good as we remembered. We highly recommend it!)

Once you’re stringing 10 or so of them along together, and are comfortable RX’ing them in WODs, you’ll most likely want to start progressing to a faster rope (the difference in speed may take some time to get used to, however). We recommend the following ropes from Again Faster, and they’re listed in order of speed.

If you aren’t starting at the beginning with your DUs, and are comfortable with the ropes at CFTT, go with either the Ultra Speed Rope or the Revolution Rope. Or if you want to go all the way, go with the Rev-X. It’s super light and fast (and painful when you miss).

Ultra Speed Ropes $13.95 – indoor or outdoor

Revolution Ropes $25.95 – indoor or outdoor

Rev X $29.95 – Superfast, expert level, indoor use only, not for use on concrete.

If you’re still not sure which rope to choose, here’s what the Again Faster website says: “If you’re just learning double-unders (2 rotations per jump) then the Ultra-Speed rope is a great choice. Though it is named Ultra-Speed it is actually slower than our Revolution and Revolution-X rope which is nice while you are working on your timing. If you are experienced with double-unders The Revolution is a great step up extremely fast and can be used in and out doors. The fastest rope we have is the Revolution-X rope it features a non coated wire that revolves at a blistering speed; however, it is not recommended for outdoor use. The Rev-X is best suited for use on stall mats or reserved for competitions.”

And last but not least, a video tutorial. (Not really sure what’s going on with his outfit, but he makes some good points.) And then just practice, practice, practice. There are many more videos you can find on YouTube about the DU, so watch as many as you can. You never know when you’re going to stumble on that one “cue” that helps you pull them all together.