We’re thrilled with the number of requests we’ve received from individuals looking for additional skill-work they can do outside of class. Rather than give off-the-cuff  feedback, we’ve decided to make our direction a litle more formal. Starting next week, we’ll be assigning supplemental home-work drill-and-or-skill work along with each daily WOD. Strictly optional, this work will help individuals master some of CrossFit’s more technical movements. Although general enough that they apply to several of the more technical movements we employ, the skills and drills assigned will be somewhat targeted towards a specific movement. Each 6-8 week Mesocycle, we’ll change the movement we’re focusing on; along with shifting the training focus for that period, we’ll also introduce a new Movement for the Mesocycle (MOM). Sounds fun, right?

The Movements of the Mesocycle (MoM) for this training cycle will be as follows:

  • Function: Pull-Up
  • Performance: Kipping / Chest-to-Bar Pull-up;
  • RTG: Muscle-Ups.

Stay tuned for more details…and bring on those kips!!!