From the desk of the Grand-Poobah-Rear-Admiral of the Main Event:

“On this 23rd Day of March, in the Year 2017, I, The Grand-Poobah, Rear-Admiral of the Threshold Training Main Event, do HEREBY DECLARE the following:”

“Immediately following the FINAL HEAT of 17.5 this Saturday, shall commence the Annual Crowning of Champions Celebration. During this time, ALL Main Event Competitors shall partake in a Pot-Luck Feast, while enjoying libations provided by our generous benefactor (sponsor), Citizen Cider. Shortly after the commencement of the Celebration shall begin the Judging of the Scavenger Hunt!!! All attendees shall congregate by TEAM, and shall henceforth present each item to the Poobah as requested (Of Note: Video Submissions for the commercial MUST be able to be broadcast on the Threshold Training Jumbotron. The Poobah requests that all teams PLAN ACCORDINGLY). Upon cessation of the Judging, the Poobah will Crown the VICTORIOUS TEAM, who shall descend upon their podium, allowing EVERYONE TO BASK IN THEIR GLORY!!!”

“The Poobah has SPOKEN!”




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