Wed’ like to congratulate everyone on their spectacular performance this week. Nice job, everyone!! Preliminary (and by Preliminary, we do mean PRELIMINARY – there are still some scores to upload, and calculations to run) scores to date can be found here, while this week’s weekly challenges (read CAREFULLY – there are TWO this week) are summarized below. 


Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night for a week. 

Rules. For each day that you sleep for at least 8 hours between Tuesday, 3/7 and the Monday, 3 12, you earn a point for your team. For each night you sleep for 10 hours or more during this window, you will earn TWO points for your team. In order for your efforts to count, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Athletes may not be in front of any type of screen at least 30 minutes prior to going to bed. Phones, Televisions, Laptops – you name it. If they’re on, the deal is off.
  2. Minor interruptions in sleep are acceptable (we all have to pee). You may not, however, get up in the middle of the night for more than 10 minutes, and then resume sleeping.
  3. Naps may not be used to get your over 8 hours. Naps may be used to get you from 8 hours to 10 hours. (EXAMPLE: If, in a 24 hour period, you slept 6.5 hours, and napped for 2 hours, your score would be a 0. If, during that same interval, you slept 9 hours, and napped for 90 minutes, you’d have earned 2 points for your team –  one for the 8+ consecutive hours of sleep, and 1 for exceeding 10 hours of sleep).
  4. Heart Rate. You must record your waking Heart Rate every morning in order for your score to count. Resting HR’s will need to be recorded along with your sleep hours logged. To record your waking HR, simply take your pulse for :20 right when you wake up. Multiply the count by 3, and Presto! You have your waking HR.
  5. No use of roll-over sleep hours is allowed (EXAMPLE: If an Athlete sleeps for 6 hours on day 1, and 16 hours on day two, their hours they accumulated during day 2 may not be used on any other day other than day 2).  You may not ‘catch-up’ on sleep day by getting more sleep on a subsequent day.

Logging Scores. Scoring will be done on an honor system. All scores must be logged prior to 9:00 PM, Monday, 3/12. Athletes will log their scores on to this spreadsheet. PLEASE BE SURE TO ONLY LOG YOUR SCORES IN THE TAB TITLED ‘CHALLENGE SCORE ENTRY‘. 


In 72 hours, establish a high-score in Robotron 2084. (Hint: Robotron 2084 is the archaic video game cabinet in the corner of the athlete lounge). 

Rules. Contest runs from on Wednesday, 3/8/17 through Saturday, 3/11/17. During this interval, athletes may make as many attempts as they’d like to establish a high-score on the Robotron 2084 cabinet in the Athlete’s Lounge at Threshold Training. Scores will be recorded on the whiteboard in the lounge, and must be logged into this spreadsheet no later than 3:00 PM on Saturday, 3/11/17. PLEASE BE SURE TO ONLY LOG YOUR SCORES IN THE TAB TITLED ‘CHALLENGE SCORE ENTRY‘. 

Of note:

  • Attempts may only be made on Threshold Training’s Robotron 2084 cabinet;
  • All athletes may make as many attempts as they’d like, however only one score submission is allowed per team member;
  • Team members may not play for one another;
  • The team with the highest TOTAL score from all team members will win the Challenge;
  • Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 1st Place: 9 Points;
    • 2nd Place: 7 Points;
    • 3rd Place: 5 Points;
    • 4thPlace: 3 Points;
    • 5th Place: 1 Point;
    • BONUS POINTS: 5 Bonus Points will be awarded to any team with an individual who breaks the current Robotron 2084 Hi-Score of 124,800.
  • The Supreme Chancellor, Grand-Poobah Rear-Admiral of the CFTT Main Event Series will have ultimate jurisdiction on all score submissions.

100% of the proceeds from this challenge (every quarter put into the machine) will be given to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Additionally, Threshold Training will match cent-for-cent all funds raised up to $200. Scholarship funds are available for folks who’d like to try their hand, but just don’t have / want to spend the funds. Also of note: quarters spent on this challenge will not count towards each team’s spending cap.

Is this a real challenge? Yes. Yes it is. Is it relevant to anything that we do here? Nope. Not at all. That said, this “Challenge” is intended to serve as GREAT reminder to all of us of one of the key reasons WHY we’re doing the Main Event Series: because it’s FUN. If you’re not used to having fun playing antique coin-operated video games, well…then just do what you do during just about each and every workout: Get outside of your comfort-zone, and try something different.