What a great way to start the CF open season!!  week 1 -Saturday Main Event was so energizing. Thanks to Denise we were all able to represent our team colors.  You all really pushed yourselves and the scores proved it.

Here is a link to the team standings after 18.1. Squat Supreme is taking the early lead.

Team Scoring Sheet

We are now officially in Week 2. We have 2 challenges this week, Tuesday and Thursday.  We will be doing these mini challenges at the end of the group workout.  If you are not able to attend group class you may come at the end of a class and jump into the challenge.  (no need to sign in)

Week 2- Tuesday Challenge: Max Front Rack hold.

**No belts or accessories may be used. Athletes can use any front rack hold position they choose.

**Once bar hits crash bars, time is up.

**Team score is each person’s time combined.

Age 18-45

Rx Female-185

Rx Male-255

Scaled Female- 125

Scaled Male- 185


Age 45-65

Rx Female 125

Rx Male 185

Scaled Female 95

Scaled Male 135