Despite the logistical issues presented by 16.1, we’re THRILLED with how well we were able to run the first weekend of our Main Event Series. Many, MANY thanks to all our coaches, judges, volunteers, and athletes for your time, hard work, and flexibility.

In light of these challenges, we’ve decided to make some small changes to how athletes register for heats each week. We’ve documented these changes below; please take a minute to review them in advance of Saturday.

CHANGE #1: Registering for heats. Without knowing the workout, it’s impossible for us to judge how many athletes we will safely be able to run in each heat, or how long each heat will take. Accordingly, we’ve decided to refrain from opening heats up for registration until 9:00 PM on the Thursday prior to each Main Event workout. This means that if you’ve already registered for a Main Event heat for this, or any other Saturday, your registration is no longer valid, and that you will have to re-register for your heat after 9:00 PM each Thursday.We recognize that this is a pain in the ass, and an annoyance. For that, we apologize. If you have a scheduling conflict that prevents you from attending at a particular time, but those heats are full, let us know – we’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

CHANGE #2: Heat Times & Number of Athletes. Again, without knowing the workout, it’s hard to say how long each heat will take, or how many people we’ll be able to run each heat. Absent an unorthodox movement (like OH weighted walking lunges done for 25 feet at a time), or an unusually long time domain (like 20 minutes), we anticipate that we”ll be able to run 8 people / heat, and that we’ll be able to run a heat every 20 minutes, but we won’t know for sure until Thursday PM. We can say that we plan to start running heats at 9:45 sharp each Saturday.

Thanks again for your patience with this. See everyone tomorrow night for the WOD release party!!!!