We couldn’t be more proud of our community’s performance, spirit, and effort this past weekend. In short – you all were AWESOME. The energy we saw on Saturday was unlike anything we’ve seen in our gym thus far…and that’s saying a LOT. Congratulations to each and every last one of you.

A special congratulations to Team WOD’ing Crashers, who won this week’s Spirit competition. It was a tight race – kudos to everyone who contributed to their team this past week. Final scoring through week 3 will be uploaded here shortly; in the interim, feel free to peruse this week’s Challenges below. 


Max Time Front Plank Hold. 

Rules. Contest occurs on Tuesday only. Athletes will have one attempt to perform a max-time Plank hold. There will be a time cap of 3:00 per athlete; there is a tiebreak that will be revealed on the day of the event. Holds will be done during the course of the daily WOD (they’re a part of the workout), so special trips to the gym are not necessary. Upon breaking, the athletes time is recorded, and shall be said athletes score, in SECONDS. The team with the highest total of second at the end of the day…wins. Of note:

  • You must maintain a real, solid plank hold for your effort to count. Arched back plank-holds will not count; any break in the knee, hip, shoulder, or ankle during the hold will result in a time stoppage; the athlete’s test will be over. Coaches will have the sole discretion RE: what constitutes a legitimate hold; each athlete may only make one attempt.
  • Athletes will be responsible for logging their own scores on the official score sheet; all scores must be submitted by 8:00 PM Tuesday Evening. 


Mobilize for 20 min each day. 

Rules. For each day that you mobilize (roll-out, stretch, lax-ball, perform activation exercises, etc.) for a minimum of 20 minutes, between Monday, 3/14 and Saturday morning (3/19), you earn a point for your team.

You may not ‘catch-up’ on another day by mobilizing for additional time later in the week.

Logging Scores. Scoring will be done on an honor system. All scores must be logged prior to 9:00 AM Saturday, 3/19. Athletes will log their scores on to this spreadsheet. PLEASE BE SURE TO ONLY LOG YOUR SCORES IN THE TAB TITLED ‘TEAM & LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE‘.