When we first came up with the idea of running the Main Event Series at CrossFit TT, we were REALLY excited about two things: the draft, and this week’s team challenge. The Draft was an absolute hit. We have no doubt that this week’s challenge will prove to be anything different.

So without any further ado…


A Team Scavenger Hunt. Each Team has until Friday, 3/25, at 3:59 PM, to collect as many of the following items as possible from the list below, while adhering to the following rules:

  1. This is not a subjective search. This is an Objective Search, as Judged by the Main Event Series Grand-Poobah-Rear-Admiral-Master-of-Ceremonies (‘The Judge’). The Judge will have final discretion over all submissions. Be mindful of that fact when conducting your Hunt.
  2. Each team has a spending cap of $10.00. That’s right – $10.00… for their entire team. Anything purchased must be accompanied by a receipt. Any submission deemed suspect by the Judge will not be counted towards the team’s total score.
  3. Teams will be awarded the total number of points they accumulate through the Hunt. Unlike previous challenges, the week 5 challenge is not a “winner-take-all” event. The winning team will be awarded 10 bonus points in addition to their team’s total score for the Hunt.
  4. All Local and Federal laws must be adhered to by all team members throughout the duration of the Hunt. If a Team Member is found to have broken any Law during the execution of this Hunt, their team will be disqualified from the Hunt.

The List:

  1. One (1) Airplane Motion Sickness Bag;
  2. One (1) bike part;
  3. One (1) can or bottle of the best beer in ‘Murica;
  4. One (1) cassette tape of:
    • Any Michael Jackson Album (1 point);
    • Kris-Kross’ Debut Album (2 points);
    • EMF’s Debut Album or Jesus Jones Doubt Album (5 points);
  5. One (1) International postcard;
  6. One (1) Animal tooth;
  7. One (1) Disposable toilet seat cover;
  8. One (1) picture of a team member with a local celebrity. This challenge will be scored as follows:
    • 1 point for each team member in the photo;
    • 10 bonus points if your photo includes a local celebrity who had a cameo in the Dark Knight;
    • 15 bonus points if your celebrity is present at CFTT when the photo is taken;
    • 20 bonus points if your photo includes a local celebrity who had a cameo in the Dark Knight, and they’re present at CFTT when the photo is taken;
    • For scoring purposes, News Channel 5 Meteorologist Tom Messner is not a local celebrity.
  9. One (1) expired out-of-state license plate;
  10. One (1) coin minted in 1986;
  11. One (1) business card of a Proctologist;
  12. One (1) receipt for $.99 worth of gas…paid in CASH;
  13. One (1) paper diner placemat;
  14. One (1) brochure from any of the following establishments:
    • Ausable Chasms;
    • Santa’s Village;
    • The Great Escape;
    • Two bonus points will be awarded for any team that can find brochures from all three establishments;
  15. One (1) Used Admission Stub from the Champlain Valley Fair from any year since 1990;
  16. Something CLASSIC. Be mindful of the judge.


No screen use within 40 minutes of bedtime. That’s right – no iPads, phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, kindles, nooks, PDA’s, or whatever the heck else sucks the juice out of our eyeballs. Athletes may use the following tool to assess whether their device qualifies for this challenge:

  1. Does the device have a screen?
    • YES, it has a screen: It may not be used within 40 minutes of bedtime.
    • NO, it does not have a screen: It may be used within 40 minutes of bedtime.