Tuesday’s Challenge: Max Handstand Hold.

We had several impressive scores. Multiple people over 2 min!! Huge shout out to Sienna @195 sec, Casey B at 212 sec, Brad @246 sec.


Amrapper’s Delight= 17 min, 10 sec

Squat Supreme= 17 min, 38 sec

HammerTTime= 18 min, 23 sec

AARP= 24 min, 56 sec

Master score sheet will be updated after the Thurs. challenge.

Thursday’s Challenge:

CrossFit Crossword Puzzle. Athletes have 6 minutes to complete as many clue/ word problems.

*every minute on the minute athlete must complete 20m shuttle run.

*score is total number of words solved – team score is total solved combined.

*we ask everyone to please keep clue and answers to themselves. No passing it on the the later classes. Let’s try to keep it fun and fair.