Meso-Cycle Update 4/5/17

On  to the next cycle….

You may have noticed a change in program direction after the Open and Main Event. The Open has served as an assessment for where we stand as individuals and as a community in terms of our strengths and weaknesses. This new cycle is about laying the foundation to keep our PR’s coming, to keep our bodies healthy, mobile, and strong, to make ourselves enduring and resilient, and to improve weaknesses that may have been exposed during any of the Main Event workouts. The goal is to use main lifts to improve strength levels, accessory movements to keep our bodies balanced and healthy, holds and carries to target weaknesses and improve core strength and function, and a whole lot of aerobic work to learn pacing and how to sustain during longer efforts.

We are halfway through the second week of the mesocycle and you may have started to notice a pattern. While the “metcon” portion of the workout changes, the strength work has remained the same from the first to the second week. This is intentional. The idea is that as we get accustomed to new exercises, tempos, movement patterns, and volume we should try to make small increases in the weight used from week to week. This progression does not last for long; however, so don’t get too used to it. After a few weeks of building on the same exercises the prescription will change to offer our bodies a new stimulus to adapt too.

What will this look like?

Though the exercise prescriptions will change every few weeks the core concept will stay the same (for the most part):

  • Monday: Back Squat + Accessory + Grinder
  • Tuesday: Vertical Press + Accessory + Lactic Power
  • Wednesday: Clean/Back + Aerobic Power
  • Thursday: Bench Press + Accessory + Lactic Threshold
  • Friday: Snatch + Hip Flexion + Aerobic Capacity

What will this feel like?

Remember those soul crushing workouts in the weeks leading up to the Main Event? We are significantly reducing your exposure to that type of stimulus through this cycle. With that being said these workouts will be difficult in a different way. The added strength work will leave you fighting to hold on to the prescribed tempo and will be leaving your body sore in places you haven’t felt in a while.

How can I prepare myself for the workouts?

If you don’t already have one, go out ASAP and buy a notebook to begin logging your workouts. This will be very handy during this cycle as clients are going to be exposed to many new exercises, different tempos, rep schemes, interval work. Workouts will not have percentages prescribed and many times there will be multiple options for scaling movements depending on the workout so that clients of all levels can do what is best for them. It is very important to keep a log of this information so that you can track your progress, know how to approach workouts, and build knowledge and awareness of you as an athlete. In my opinion that last point is the most valuable to your progression as an athlete and person.

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