As June rolls in so does a new phase of programming. The goals themselves haven’t changed much. We will still be working to increase our aerobic capacity and pacing skills, lower/upper body strength, and gymnastic proficiency but we will be approaching it slightly differently. In this past cycle we had a lot of workouts that required building up to heavy singles in various lifts. We established baseline numbers in the Back Squat, Bench Press, Push Press, Snatch, and other lifts as well as metcons. Now that we have a place to start from we can begin building.

In this mesocycle we will be working up to max attempts less and will be doing more sub-maximal work to continue to build strength and improve technique. We will also see new exercises and modifications such as the Box Squat, Landmine Press and Single Leg Squat to Box. These exercises may have a bit of a learning curve but over time will help strengthen weaknesses, improve imbalances and have a strong carry over to function.

Because the volume and intensities asked of you during the workouts are high, we will also dedicate some time each week to active recovery, mobility, and stability work. These workouts will be an integral part of this cycle; To get stronger, faster, healthier, etc., one MUST spend time in the gym focusing on quality, not speed. These workouts will also help maintain an aerobic base, accelerate recovery, and improve joint health.

There will be cleans and snatches prescribed in metcons but working up to heavier lifts will not be the focus for the first 4-6 weeks. Most of the heavier work in the Olympic lifts will be prescribed in strength and skill classes.

In terms of the weekly layout, you can still expect to squat on Mondays as well another lower body focused day on Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays will work on upper body push/pull and Wednesdays will be longer more sustained work.