Saturday January 9th we will be hosting the OPEX Winter Classic.  This event is a great opportunity to test your fitness as you enter into the new year and the CrossFit Open season begins.  OPEX hosted this on-line event a couple weeks ago while we were doing the 12 WODS of Christmas so we decided to push it back so we could all take a stab at it.

There was only one division for the on-line competition, but we would like to make it a bit more accessible to others if they are interested.  We will be offering 2 divisions.  Rx and Fx.  Athletes must complete all 3 events in the same division.

Registration is through mind body.  Please go to the “seminars” tab to register for a specific division.  Judges can sign up directly on the main group class page.


Cost: $10.00 (This fee helps pay OPEX directly for their programming)

This competition is different than most.  You will complete 3 WODs in 1 hour. Yup….you read that correctly.  3 events in 1 hour!

Event 1 
From 0:00-20:00 on the clock 
Death by unbroken power snatches RX:   115/83lbs,     FX: 75/53

1. All repetitions must be unbroken to perform the next round 
2. No resting barbell on the floor; unlimited barbell rest overhead or at hips 
3. If you make the round of 15 (14:00 on the clock) that round becomes a 60-second AMRAP as a tiebreaker, unbroken still required 
4. Once finished rest until the 20:00 mark 
5. Scored as rounds + repetitions 

Event 2 
From 20:00-40:00 on the clock 
For time: RX- 75 Toes-to-Bar / FX- 75 K2E
RX: Each break perform 30 double under as a penalty (do not have to be unbroken)/ FX: 90 singles

1. 15-minute time cap 
2. Add one second to 15:00 for each remaining toes-to-bar repetitions at the time cap 
3. If you finish before the time cap rest until the 40:00 mark 
4. Scored as time to completion 

Event 3 
From 40:00-60:00 on the clock 
20 minute AMRAP 
20 Row calories 
20 Wall balls RX: 20/14lbs to 10ft  FX: 20/14lbs to 10/9ft
20 Burpees onto 45lb plate 

1. You must reset row monitor each round 
2. Full hip extension required on top of the plate for Burpees

3. Both feet need to be on the top of the plate for the Burpee to Plate 
4. Scored as rounds + repetitions

***In order to create an organized, efficient and well run comp we will need your help.  Depending on the number of athletes registered for each division, we will create 2-3 heat blocks.  We would really like to create a competition atmosphere which would include a judge for each athlete.  We would ask that if you are signing up to compete that you also help and sign up to judge another heat.