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Tell us about your athletic background. 

My athletic background consists of high school soccer and track. I’ve also played club soccer for 10 years with Farpost soccer club. Most recently, I was a member of the UVM club soccer team.

What degrees do you have/are you working towards? What training / athletic coaching certifications do you have? 

I received my diploma from South Burlington high school. Currently, I’m working towards my B.S. in Athletic Training at UVM as well as my CSCS. I’m certified in CPR/AED. I hold a certification as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer though I’m working towards my Level 2 certification. In addition, I’m seeking to hold an E license as a soccer coach.
Why do you do CrossFit? Why do you love CrossFit?

I enjoy CrossFit because of its ability to be versatile and challenging. I get excited because I have no idea what will be written on the white board on any given day. Any combination of movements could be thrown at you and you have to adapt. You have to adapt your mental game and remember the cues you’ve learned in order to execute the movements efficiently. Additionally, CrossFit is for everybody. It can be used to achieve your goals; whether it’s being able to play with your kids, learning a new movement, improving your mobility or changing your lifestyle. It’s challenging because at the end of the day it’s always you vs. you. Only you can push yourself to do things you thought you couldn’t do and its scary because you’re “going to that dark place”, you’re breaking through what you think are your limits. In that sense, it parallels life and its unknown forthcomings. But, when you surprise yourself with an achievement, break down those barriers and then have an entire community right there to celebrate with you about it, that priceless, that’s CrossFit.
Most Memorable CrossFit TT Moment? 

My most memorable CrossFit TT moment was my first class. My brother Andrew talked me in to coming in for a trial workout. I thought I’d give it a shot, not knowing what I was getting skinny self into. Needless to say, that workout was Kalsu and that was the first time I’d ever lifted anything over my head repeatedly. I will always remember coach Andrew, Tyler, and Stacy screaming and laughing at me multiple times to get more thrusters. Everything hurt for at least 10 days after, but I still came back!

Favorite WOD / Workout?

The Filthy Fifty

 Why do you love CrossFit TT? 

I love CrossFit TT because I think it’s the only gym of its kind. It’s able to bring together a community of a wide array of abilities and challenge each one of its members. In that way, TT is able to vary the degree of training each member needs, not the kind. For me, TT is more than a CrossFit gym; it’s a welcoming family that helps me to accomplish the goals I set for myself both in and outside the gym.

Who inspires you? 

I think my family inspires me the most, though I look up to each member for different reasons. However, my older brother, Andrew, has inspired me to do the things that I think I can’t do. He’s always been the one to proclaim that he will do something and then he goes and does it, no matter the circumstances. It’s his motivation and fire that’s unprecedented and, for me, that mental game has always been a struggle. I feel like in learning from his advice and actions, I’ve become a stronger athlete and a better person.

What gets you through a hard workout? 

The thing that gets me through a hard workout is knowing that I’m getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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