With a partner, Perform the following work:

A1. 4 x Barbell Lunge Complex / Leg (75/53 or 60/40 SB). See complex details below; barbell/sb may be in front or back rack position

A2. 4 x 8-10 Bent-Over Tempo (4024) BB/SB Rows with same weight. 2:00 Rest; partner works while you rest.

* Performance Plus: Use this time to do your Hatch Cycle Squats.


B1. “Marvel Team-Up”

Partner WOD. AMRAP 8 Min of:

– 5 T2B

– 7 Hand-Release Push-Ups

– 9 Calorie Row

Only one partner may work at a time. Partners must rotate after each round.

B2. 3:00 Rest

B3. 1500m row. Partners may split between them as they see fit; each partner must row at least 300m.


Cookie: TABATA Plank Holds.


Complex = 1 Forward WWL + 1 Weighted Step-up (20″) + 1 Weighted Step-Down + 1 Reverse WWL. Perform all movements at 2020 Tempo (steady, controlled movements;