A1. 4 x Clean & Jerk Cluster @ 72-75% (TnG) 2.2.2, :10 SR/3:00 Rest.

B1. 4 x :90 of:

– 5 DL (225/155)

– max-rep lateral bar-hop burpees in time remaining.

B2. 3:00 Rest.


– Pace burpees. Try to perform one rep every 3, 4, 5, or 6 seconds for the entire :90.

– Focus on your breathing, especially through the burpees. Think of it this way – imagine the workout is a really hard run. If you think about your breathing during a really hard run, the run magically becomes easier. Same should go for this workout.

– Scale DL load as necessary to ensure perfect form, with a relatively high (T-N-G) cycle time. If a coach tells you to make a modification to ensure your back is flat, DO IT. No exceptions.