This month we chose to spotlight many of the couples who are sharing their fitness journey together at Threshold Training. We asked them what it meant to have their significant other join them in their fitness and health journey. We thought this may bring to light one of the many things that Threshold Training brings to others outside of increasing your physical fitness. While not all are represented here, we hope you enjoy and are inspired by many of those who responded below!

Todd and Lauren Bailey
Response: Our involvement in CrossFit is a microcosm of our life together. There are challenges and successes that we get to share with each other on a daily basis. Having one another to motivate, encourage, congratulate and some-times console when we just miss that PR, keeps us wanting to get back at it the next day. The positive energy shared during a partner WOD or working out individually in the same class helps us start the day out on the right foot. If the WOD doesn’t go well, it’s great to have that hour together in the morning. Plus, l love working out with Todd because he is my biggest fan. He supports me, coaches me and pushes me when I need it to get through a workout. 

Bubba and Marcia Bristow
Title:  Chasing Endorphins Together!!
Throughout the day Bubba and I go in many different directions professionally and socially.  At the end of the day or to start the day, it is important to have a few common interests and activities that bring us together.  It is common bonds that keep a relationship healthy.  Crossfit has become one of these common bonds.  Prioritizing exercise provides us with quality time together and a little healthy competition keeps the playfulness alive. The couple that plays together-stays together.  Working out together benefits our health, our fitness and our relationship.  It’s fun and who doesn’t feel much better after a healthy cocktail of endorphins. 

Matt and Hadley Bunting
Response: I’ve always loved the way that Matt loves games/challenges/sport, and I knew during my first workout that he would love CrossFitTT. His intensity, commitment, and good attitude inspires me, as does his ability to sing in the middle of workouts.
Hadley inspires me with her smile and positivity that she’s so clearly willing to share with the group! Additionally, she beat me to Butterfly pull-ups! With every workout, she reminds me that my game needs work

Brian and Mindy Clark
Being part of TT as a couple, brings out a healthy competition with each other and for our own personal best. Whether it is how many times we make it in during the week or what our time/weight is during a WOD it always adds for a good conversation that night.  

Dennis and Fran Clougherty
I am very thankful that DC finally convinced me to join TT two years ago.  Since then, we’ve celebrated many fitness achievements, milestones, and mental accomplishments together.  We’re able to sympathize with each other’s daily muscle aches and provide helpful tips (or even just encouragement) when we’re struggling with a particular movement.  As we’re able to go to the same class, we also benefit from a little bit of peer pressure to get us there at 6am (plus he brings me coffee and drives me in ).

Hans and Nicole Dhyrman
Response: It’s having someone by your side who knows when to push you to go harder, when to pull you back to take a rest day, and when to encourage you to go for your mind more than your body. It’s for friendship, and life-long health and happiness together.

Luke and Nuan Dion
Response: I’ve been a member of TT for four years now, and joined originally because my wife, Nuan, was already a member. Prior to joining, I certainly understood her drive to stay fit, but I admittedly didn’t quite get Crossfit and the grip it had on her! After joining, I soon realized the power of exercising with a community that supports one another, trains hard, and somehow has fun at the same time. Because we have young children, during the week we have to alternate who gets to go, but I have always enjoyed the Saturdays when we get to work out together, especially because those are typically partner or team WOD’s. Through the years we have both had “low points” where meeting the challenges of life forced us to de-prioritize working out for a while, but because we are both members of this community, there has always been an anchor (and a motivator) to bring us back into the routine. Without that kind of support and engagement, I am confident my fitness goals would never be met. 

Jed and Kelly Dousevicz
We believe our mutual commitment is the key source of our longevity at TT. Our competitive spirits are certainly fostered at the gym and have been an energizing force in our relationship. Together we celebrate the joys of the milestones and work through the frustrations of the heartbreaks. Sharing our fitness journeys with each other has definitely enhanced our relationship and we are so very grateful to TT and the community for continuously suppling so many healthy shared experiences!

“There’s something really powerful about groups and shared experiences. People might be skeptical about their ability to change if they’re by themselves, but a group will convince them to suspend disbelief. A community creates belief.”
Charles Duhigg

Jarret and Alena Dubois
They say couples that play together, stay together.  Well, CrossFit at Threshold Training is the perfect way to play together.  We started in 2014 and have not looked back since.  

Alena:  For me, I love watching Jarret’s form in back squats, front squats, cleans… and his pull ups! He makes it look easy.  He’s had some set backs, but he bounces back and is stronger. He figured out most lifts/moves way before I did.  I love his confidence, how he carries himself when he’s working out consistently.  CrossFit TT opened a new world to us – conversations, competitions (CrossFit, Spartan, etc.), and friends! We have met great people who became dear friends to us.  Lastly, I love our kids’ view of their Dad, they see him as a strong protective figure who can do anything with them without limitations. They often ask us if we worked out, and how was it. I LOVE that – we want them to understand the value of a healthy body early.

Jarret:  When Alena started Crossfit, she was only a few years recovered from significant surgery that was supposed to limit her upper body strength.  In fact, the doctor went so far to say she would never do a pull-up.  To watch her overcome those odds and continue to kick ass has been truly inspiring (even when she is beating me… which is daily!).  It’s been a tremendous four year fitness journey and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else but Alena.  

James Wildish and Chrissy Barsalou
In a nutshell we have always lived by the mantra of “those that play together, stay together.” Crossfit is just an extension of that. If you can overcome uncomfortable physical challenges (which in many ways are as much physical as they are mental, your body can generally do 40% more then what your brain is telling you it can, at least that’s what the navy seals say) in the gym, then its easy to port that to everyday life. Witnessing the challenges and successes we face and have daily in the gym allows us to understand at a deeper level what we each can handle in everyday life. Crossfit is a metaphor for life. Plus it gives us a lot to talk about. Gave us a lot of great new friends that further the mantra we live by.

Rachel Saunders and Mike Coster
When we met, we had different ideas about staying healthy and active.  Crossfit has fostered a community where we can support each other as a couple and work toward our fitness goals together.  Also, without Mike to get me out of bed in the morning, I would not be a 7 am-er and I am so grateful for that!