First of all I would like to welcome every one back from their holidays. If you didn’t get the memo, the first week of workouts made it clear that vacation is over. It was also a good blueprint of how the workouts will be planned for the next 5 weeks of this meso-cycle. Here are some other things to expect from this cycle:

  • Strength work will take a back seat to conditioning. Yes, we will continue to have strength work but it will not be the priority of the workout. The expectations will be to bring the intensity during the conditioning portion of the WOD and if we piled on a bunch of strength work beforehand that’s a good recipe for burnout
  • There will be plenty of workouts WITHOUT prescribed percentages. Recovery is going to be key in this cycle and everyone has different recovery abilities. 90% could feel good to an individual one day and it could feel like 105% to another. We will see a lot of “Max for Day” or “Build across sets” or “No misses” prescriptions. This will allow the individual to autoregulate the intensities based on how they are feeling that day.  
  • We will be seeing more lactic power/endurance work. To quote one of top coaches in the country, “Taking the lactate system to its edges is not pleasant but it’s necessary if you want to improve it”. We will all be asked to embrace stepping outside our comfort zone a couple times a week and fighting hard to push the pace when the feeling gets uncomfortable. We will see this in interval form so that we can have repeatable efforts in that zone. YAY!
  • Muscle Endurance work will also be prioritized. Improving upon this will help set everyone up for success with the type of workouts we are likely to see in the near future. Muscle Endurance is the muscles ability to sustain repeated contractions against resistance. Improving muscle endurance, along with the aerobic capacity base we spent months building, will help everyone sustain larger sets in those longer AMRAPs or workouts requiring larger sets.
  • FUN! As much as I like to geek out about the scientific principles and how it’s going to turn us all into elite Crossfit competitors, the goal is to enjoy the workouts and the time spent in the gym. Yes, they will ask you to challenge yourself and it’ll require you to step outside of your comfort zone but it’s important to remember that the hour that you’re in the gym should be one of the best hours of your day. Embrace the challenge and enjoy knowing that you’re leaving fitter than when you entered.