Many of you have been thrilled with the results of our Programming, and have mentioned that you’d really like to learn a little bit more about our approach to program design. In response to these requests, we’ve prepared a presentation that provides some insight into one of the key principles we use when designing our programming – the principle of periodization. For those of you who are a bit more serious about your training: we hope the additional context will help you put each workout in perspective, and allow you to tailor your approach to each workout accordingly. For those of you who just love the workouts and the results, but aren’t as concerned with how it works, this video can still be helpful, as it’ll at least give you a better idea as to that we’re talking about when we start throwing around buzzwords like “Mesocycle”.


Keep in mind that the goal of the preso/video is to give folks a ROUGH overview of periodization, how it works, and the programming that we’re doing within this period of our training. If you want to pick it apart based on what we’re sharing, you’ll be able to. We could spend hours compiling evidence for a comprehensive piece that details the exact science behind the principle of periodization and our specific objectives this cycle, however such aims are beyond the scope of what we’re trying to do here. We’re just truing to explain the concept to folks. Enjoy, and feel free to post comments below!!