Programming Update:

You may have noticed that starting on April 30th there is a shift in programming and how the week is laid out in terms of day to day workouts. Traditionally we have front loaded a lot of the volume of the weeks training on Monday. This is the day that we usually squat and perform a tough WOD that leaves everyone rushing for their recovery shakes before they have to get back to work. After hearing some feedback, it seems to also leave many of us feeling pretty drained by the end of the week with some clients even opting for another day off.

For the next 12 weeks we plan to scale back on some of the intensity, slow things down a bit, spend more time working on unilateral movements, and focus on movement quality rather than if we worked out at a more reckless pace than the person next to us. This does not mean that the workouts are going to get any easier. In fact each workout, each set, each rep is going to require more concentration and effort than before. Your muscles will be spending more time under tension and be performing movements at their fullest range of motion with perfect technique. The accumulation of more quality of reps over the course of the next 12 weeks is going to reinforce quality movement as intensity, chaos, and fatigue slowly increases allowing you to workout harder, faster, and lower the risk of any injury.

A brief overview of the weekly setup is as follows:

Monday: Upper Body Horizontal Push/Pull + “Grinder” effort style workout

Tuesday: Bending + Crossfit style intervals – pacing focus

Wednesday: Squat + “Grinder”

Thursday: Aerobic Power wod

Friday: Upper Body Vertical Push/Pull + Crossfit style intervals – pacing focus