Programming Notes
Onto a new cycle! Hooray!
Congratulations on finishing a tough progressive cycle. We really honed in on our 3 main lifts and got a lot out of them. It’s very impressive to see such a difference in movement patterns and strength from start to finish – hopefully it feels as such.
We also honed in on some advanced gymnastic skills, gymnastics cycle work, and brushed up on some barbell/dumbbell cyclical work. Most of these workouts were within that 6-12 min window with an occasional longer outlier workout.
From a strength perspective, we’ve been a lot more comfortable lifting at heavier loads. This is great because now we’ve built a good foundation from which we can increase our power from.  Power involves a force AND time component. Often times with powerlifting movements (i.e. squat, deadlift etc), we can produce a lot of force, but its slow. For this cycle, we want to minimize the time component AND maximize our force production. This will be taken from two perspectives: the time and force it takes to perform a singular lift and the amount of work you can do at a particular load over a designated time domain (i.e. an individual doing 40 reps in 2 min is generating more power than the individual doing 20 reps in 2 min with load being equal). Thus, one of our goals this cycles is to increase our power output. Lifting and to some degree
gymnastics, we will see either lighter loads with explosive components, explosive accessory work, or Olympic lifting derivatives. With that in mind, our conditioning will transform into an anaerobic endurance phase. This is
where we improve our ability to get more work done over time. We want to increase our threshold beyond which we would have to slow down due to metabolic demands. In other words, we will be seeing many more interval workouts with various work to rest ratios . Recognizing that not all days can be this intense, we will have 1-2 days dedicated to some
aerobic work or functional bodybuilding to offset the intensity we accrue on other days.
Here would be a typical week (keeping in mind that were taking The Open into account):

Squat-Front or Bend (Pull)

Open WOD

Post Open: Intervals (lactate threshold work)


Horizontal Press

Vertical Pull

Explosive accessory work -upper body

Aerobic > Functional body building


Bend (Pull) Explosive Accessory work- Lower Body

Short Sprints with longer rests or recovery


Vertical Press

Lactate Threshold work


Squat- OH or Front

CP Battery work-heavy/ explosive