Programming Updates:

We’ve spent most of our focus from the previous cycle on rate of force development, or power (cue explosion)! We also worked on our battery life…our ability to recharge quickly in order to perform another squat, another clean, etc. Now, we’re transitioning into a different cycle.  But we’re going to hang on to a few things from the previous cycle to make sure we still know what those things feel like. This cycle will involve 3 major things: positional strength/endurance, symmetry & aerobic development. As we transition and introduce the new cycle, you will notice that you will be required to “slow down” through the use of tempos, pauses, or other variations throughout the workouts. The goal of slowing down or pausing in a movement is to ensure that you can control yourself and any load you’re holding as you get into and out of the position the task demands. Slowing down makes light weight feel heavy (yay!). It is suppose to feel heavy and it should feel like your muscles are working hard due to constant tension. It’s expected that you may be sore in odd places. Notably, you may be sore in the midline and around your hips. You’ll also notice that movements may only involve the use of one leg, one arm, use of an odd object, or motion in a different plane. By doing this, we enhance our ability to stabilize and move in more than one plane of motion. This positional strength/endurance work will give us a little break from high intensity and set us up for our “symmetry” phase of the cycle.

When we enter our symmetry phase in a couple weeks (we will tell you when this happens), we will be taking a bit of an individualized approach, as all of us have different strengths and weaknesses. We will be assessing your ability to squat vs. deadlift, 1-arm press vs. pull, and produce force on one leg compared to the other. No, this will not be 1RM testing…sorry 😉. However, this will be able to tell us if you need to improve your squat because you dominate the deadlift in comparison, or if you press double the reps on your right arm vs. your left arm. Ultimately, this will allow us to improve any holes in our game. Because of this, it would be VERY important to RECORD things down somewhere so you know what you did and be able to measure progress as you go. Buy a notebook!! OF NOTE: For example, if you do well deadlifting compared to the squat, it does not mean you’ll never deadlift again, it just means that your focus will be on the squat.

Conditioning-wise we’re going to extend the length of our workouts to adopt more of a 8-20 min time domain of work. In this sense, things will get more aerobic. There will also be minimal to no rest, but in most cases you should feel like the workout design, movements, load, and rep schemes should allow for continuous movement.

In the context of weekly format, its worth mentioning that each Monday will NOT be the same as the following Monday. For example, do NOT expect that you will be squatting every Monday or benching every Tuesday. This is to provide a little more variance, particularly to those who do not come 5x per week. For those of you who come to open gym regularly, keep that in mind 😊.

As we transition into different phases of this cycle, we will let you know and prepare you accordingly. Have fun fitnessing!