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The PERFORMANCE Program Track is designed for anyone who’s interested in taking his or her fitness to another level. Current CrossFit TT Community Members will recognize these W.O.D.’s as those used prior to our change to segmented programming. Designed to help athletes transcend their own personal performance threshold, PERFORMANCE W.O.D.’s enhance general fitness preparedness, with a slight-to-moderate emphasis on the sport of CrossFit. The overall demands placed on PERFORMANCE athletes are higher than performing FUNCTION W.O.D.’s. Movements are more involved, loads are heavier, and athletes will frequently be pushed outside of their comfort zone. Athletes will follow a periodized plan, and will ‘peak’ for specific workouts and/or events throughout the year. Athletes following the program should expect to see significant performance increases that are readily transferrable to most any sport. The program is also recommended for most individuals with a casual-to-moderate interest in CrossFit competition, or who are passionate about competing, but who can’t optimize their lives around an athletic endeavor.


1.)   You want to be pushed regularly;

2.)   You don’t have a specific performance or athletic goal outside of being exceptionally fit;

3.)   You welcome the addition of a competitive element to your workout.

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