Endurance Program Design

Just as it offers Team-sport athletes the ability to further develop the essential pre-requisites for skill development without compromising time on-the-field, CrossFit also affords endurance athletes the opportunity to develop the core-strength and mid-line stability required for to proper running, swimming, and riding mechanics, without compromising the integrity of a season-long plan. Designed to compliment existing training programs, CrossFit TT Endurance Program Designs give Swimmers, Marathoners, Cyclists, Triathletes, and Nordic Skiers the Endurance Athletes the opportunity to develop and maintain the core strength and mobility needed for efficient power transfer without compromising existing training plans. CrossFit Group-classes which feature strength, skill, mobility, or stability work which directly compliment Endurance disciplines, mimic the format of a traditional CrossFit Class, and may include the opportunity for individuals to participate in a coach-led swim, ride, run, or track session. Modular in nature, Endurance Program Designs can be introduced into an existing training program, can compliment the vision and framework established by an existing endurance coach, or can be a component of a program that’s being built from the ground up. Don’t have a formal program? Not a problem. Coaches participating in CrossFit TT’s Identity™ Personal Program Design  can help you develop an endurance training program which incorporates CrossFit Training Methodologies to ensure you get the most out of each workout, achieve and transcend your performance threshold.

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